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Welcome to Ronald Sachs Violins

Creating engaging music is possible with the ideal blend of musical prowess and expertly crafted instruments. Based in Atlanta Georgia, we have served as the Violin Shop of the South for over 18 years. Our multi-faceted instrument store specializes in the rental, sale, and repair of all stringed instruments in the violin family — the violin, the viola, the cello, and the bass. The owner and luthier, Ronald Sachs, is a second generation violin maker with over 25 years of experience. At Ronald Sachs Violins, we promise expertly crafted instruments and superior customer service. Our instruments are of the finest quality to enhance the beauty of your musical talent.

Beyond our own products, we also proudly offer certified appraisals.

Combining the expertise and experience needed, the team at Ronald Sachs Violins are prepared to serve all of your stringed instrument needs. With six locations, Ronald Sachs Violins is conveniently located to serve musicians all over the southern region.

Our Satisfied Clients

The Violin Shop of the South!

The finest quality is always promised by Ronald Sachs Violins. Instruments for every style and budget are available at our Atlanta based violin shop. Regardless of whether we personally crafted the instrument or not, we only will sell instruments which are up to our high standards of quality and performance. Our violin shop specializes in the violin family: the violin, the viola, the cello, and the bass.

Our violin shop in Atlanta proudly offers a variety of models and brands.

Why choose Ronald Sachs Violins?

With Ronald Sachs Violins, expect quality.

Regardless of the instrument you select at our Atlanta based violin shop, superior craftsmanship and performance are assured. At Ronald Sachs Violins, all of our instruments are created and tuned to produce the most beautiful sounds possible. Whether you are playing in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or in your local high school band, we believe in equipping musicians with premium instruments so the maximum potential can be reached. Playing a poor quality instrument is discouraging as it can hinder the player’s performance. We believe quality should come standard with any of our instruments, not just the top of the line violins. When you shop with Ronald Sachs Violins, we will help you find the instrument which will fit your needs and budget without sacrificing quality in the least.

While you shop, our customer service team will be helpful and knowledgeable.

If you are unsure about the type or model of instrument to purchase, the team at Ronald Sachs Violins is informed about all of the available instruments and ready to provide aid. Each instrument is equally well crafted, but each instrument has its unique qualities which could make it the perfect match for you. A musician and their instrument are an important pairing to match properly. To reach maximum potential, a musician must be supported by a properly selected instrument. We will help you determine the instrument which will help accentuate your talents most effectively. If you have pertinent questions you need answered before making a purchase, our team members will be happy to address all of your questions in person or via phone. Ronald Sachs Violins’ team of professionals are ready to help and maintain our reputation as the premiere violin shop serving Atlanta and the south as a whole.

When you are prepared to shop for an instrument, visit one of Ronald Sachs Violins convenient locations. Supplying musicians from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to your local high school, our Atlanta based violin shop is ready to serve musicians all over the south.