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Our Violin Shop in St. Petersburg, FL

In 2017, Ron Sachs relocated his family to St. Petersburg, FL, and shortly thereafter started a violin shop located in the city on 5th Avenue. The original operation of the shop only included the repair and restoration of stringed instruments, but soon enough expanded with more retail space as a full-fledged sales and production operation for violin repair and other stringed instrument repairs. Some the best restoration specialists in the industry work at our St. Petersburg, FL location today.

Our team in St. Petersburg has the skill and expertise to produce the high quality repair, enhancement, upgrade, and restoration work you need for your instruments. We apply premier quality materials to ensure lasting results. All purchased or rented instruments from us include a 100% trade-in value benefit to be used toward any instrument upgrade or modifications to a rental instrument at no cost.

Our shop provides violin rental, violin restoration, bass restoration, violin bows, violin strings, viola instrument for sale, string bass for sale, and other services and products to meet your violin and string instrument needs.

Our Talented Violin Repair and Restoration Team

David Sayers first worked in a violin store with the well-known John Ferwerda. David is the son of a New Zealand cabinet maker and a trained cellist. In Australia, he studied violin repair and in that nation he worked for many years and opened up his own shop. In pursuit of learning more about the repair and restoration process of fine stringed instruments, David took a sabbatical in 1987 to tour Europe and America. During this tour, he ended up apprenticing under some of the premier luthiers in New York City.

From 1990 to 1995, David worked for Jacques Francais Rare Violins. He relocated to Atlanta after retiring from the business to pursue a new venture as a wood sculptor. In order to help finance this new career, he started working with Ron Sachs part time. As he did, his passion for string instrument restoration reemerged. Now, David serves as Ron’s full time repair and restoration specialist at the St. Petersburg shop.

For more than 20 years, Josue Pineda, originally from Honduras, has applied his craft of repairing and restoring string instruments. Learned his trade under the co-founder of the Chicago School of Violin Making, Tfchu Ho Lee. Subsequent to his education, he went back home to Honduras. There he struggled in the stringed instrument restoration and repair business. After receiving some advice from members of his family who lived in Gwinnett County, he contacted Ron and asked for a position with him. Ron funded his relocation and since that time Josue has been working with Ron and his talented team.

Our team can handle some of the most challenging restoration jobs. In addition, we also setup finer instruments from our St. Petersburg location and serve the education systems in the Greater Tampa/St. Petersburg area.

For violin restoration, violins for sale, and other stringed instrument needs, look no further than our team at Ronald Sachs Violins in St. Petersburg, Fl. For more information about the stringed instrument products and services we offer at our violin and cello store, give us a call today at 844.789.6909 or send us a message through our contact form.

Why Customers Choose Us

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Jeannine Cavaliere
I am a professional cellist from South Florida and I recently purchased a world class Personal Model Cello made by Gary Garavaglia from Ron. What a beautiful instrument!! Not only is it gorgeous but the sound is beyond compare It is my soul’s voice… I love my cello!!! Ron gave me a terrific trade in price on my existing cello...
Little Miss Sunshine
At Ron Sachs’s violin shop in St Petersburg,Fl, the luthiers Ron, David, and Josue have worked on some of the finest instruments in the world. They bring their million dollar expertise to any instrument they work on bringing sound and beauty. Whether it’s a beginner instrument or fine collectible instrument, these luthiers provide the same attention and detail to quality...
David Chase
Brought in a used violin, and was given first class service on the spot to bring it up to player's condition with 7 or 8 repairs, and a full setup, within about an hour.
rachel n
Beautiful place with a huge selection. The owner Ronald and his assistant Chris were both so friendly and very helpful as I am just learning how to play and came in for a violin rental. They didn't have their typical rentals available but rented me a very high quality violin off their show room floor. I found this very considerate...
Mark Cavitt
Ron took my cello to a new level of performance with his recommendations and those of my cello instructor, Fred Gratta. I am very pleased with Ron's attentiveness to detail, response to requests, competitive price matching on components and ancillaries, and timeliness. Thank you Ron and welcome to St. Petersburg.
Charlotte Mathews
I've been a fan of Ron's instruments for several decades and I'm thrilled to find that he's opening the shop full time just in time for my relocation to Florida. Looking forward to being a regular here!
Charlotte Vaughn
I've been a fan of Ron's instruments for several decades and I'm thrilled to find that he's opening the shop full time just in time for my relocation to Florida. Looking forward to being a regular here!
Katie Taylor
I am so glad I found Ronald Sachs!!! I was hesitant on bringing my violin in thinking I would be pressured to buy a new one or make very expensive upgrades when really all I wanted was new strings put on and to have him look it over for possible maintenance. Ron was able to take a quick look at...
Cori Lint
I'm thrilled at the work Ron did on my cello. He recommended some repairs and new parts (nut, bridge, resurface fingerboard) that I knew I needed. I was on the fence about his additional recommendation which was a rather major structural repair, but I went for it and could not be happier that I did. It opened up potential in...
Cathy Stevens
Beautifully detailed work on my instrument. Easily cooperated with me to get the repairs done around my trip to St Petersburg. Could not have been more pleased. So happy to find a luthier of this quality.
Aaron Thompson
Very knowledgeable staff.
Doniyor Zuparov
Ronald Sachs is the best. He does very great job with a repair, sell, appraisal and all what musicians need for. Many of TFO members are very pleased with his job. Highly recommended to all musicians in this area and beyond.
Louise Jones
I simply cannot say enough about the great experience I had with this shop. My violin was difficult to play well and I had no idea what poor condition it was in until Ron looked at it. He explained in great detail why I was having problems with it and the issues I was having were confirmed when he used...
Brandon Warf
My wife and I need to be able to recommended her students parents to a Luthier that consistently delivers on what they promise. Ron has shown us he cares deeply about each instrument that goes into each one of our students hands. Also ordering a rental instrument online is easy. When it comes to honesty, Ron will be direct about...
Winsome Francis- Raghu
When it comes to the purchase or repair of musical instruments, Ronald Sachs is the “go-to” place. When our son was in his middle school’s orchestra we needed a “good” bass for his age and size so one of the music teachers recommended Ronald Sachs. In high school when he outgrew that bass we went back to Ronald Sachs and...
Katerina Juraskova
I have recently had major repairs and servicing done on my cello by Ronald Sachs at his shop in St. Petersburg, FL. The work was promptly and beautifully done. As usual, he gave personal attention to my situation, explaining what he did and why. He is extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to help me find a bow...
Andrea Alonzo
I had a wonderful experience purchasing a new violin from Mr. Sachs. He's knowlegdeable, professional - and I really love my new instrument!
Glenn C
Ronald is very patient and helpful with beginners, even adult students. He takes the time to explain things, his prices are very fair, and he clearly loves music and his work. I'd highly recommend this business to anyone.
Christine Redfield
St. Petersburg has a new Sach’s 5th Avenue! If you want to buy/sell/repair a violin, viola, cello, bass or any accessories you hit the jackpot here! I was amazed as soon as I opened the front door. From the instant warmth of a beautiful display of instruments to the exceptional personal greeting from Ron himself, I was in awe. This...
Laura Smith
As a professional cellist in the Tampa Bay community for more than 30 years, I’m so glad to have Ronald Sachs in the area where I am confident that my cello will get excellent attention. It now sounds better than ever thanks to Ron’s repair work and expert adjustments. Customer service is friendly and highly educational. He carefully explains what...
P Dutilly
I am so glad Ronald Sachs opened this shop in St. Petersburg! I first starting taking my instrument to Atlanta to Ron's shop in 2013 while I was in grad school for viola performance. My viola had been owned by the same person for 57 years, was gifted to me, and was in desperate need of modernization. In only a...
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