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Top Violin Accessories For Beginners

Regardless of whether you are just purchasing your first violin or you have been playing for quite some time, there are a few violin accessories in Atlanta GA that you should always have with you.


If you do not use rosin, your violin bow is going to sound terrible. A new bow will not make any sound if you do not have rosin. With the right rosin, you will have ideal friction for your bow and strings, which achieves a beautiful tone.

Duster Cloth

While a duster cloth is nothing fancy, it is something that you are going to use almost every day. This cloth is used to wipe excess rosin off the instrument after playing. A duster cloth is one of the most important accessories because it helps keep the violin in excellent condition. If you have been searching for violin accessories near me, look no further than Ronald Sachs Violins.

Shoulder Rest

A shoulder rest is used to support your instrument comfortably on your shoulder. However, some people choose to play without a shoulder rest (even though most find it to be more comfortable). Two types of shoulder rests are available including a flexible metal rest with a customizable frame, and a pre-shaped plastic pad, which is softer.

Violin Case

Protecting your violin when you are not playing and during transport, a quality violin case is also among the most important violin accessories in Atlanta GA. Kids, pets, humidity, and other wear and tear could damage your violin if you do not store it properly. In addition, if it is dropped or something heavy is placed on top of it during transport, you could find yourself having to buy a new instrument.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What accessories do you need for a violin?

For those starting with the violin, essential violin accessories include a rosin, shoulder rest, and a case. As you progress, you might consider exploring a range of accessories for violin available at stores like Ronald Sachs Violins. They offer a variety of violin supplies, equipment, and repair parts to cater to every violinist's needs.

Q. Should a violin be kept in its case?

Yes, it's recommended to store your violin in its case when not in use. This protects it from dust, humidity variations, and potential damage. Ensure you have a case with ample compartments for your violin parts and accessories, which can be found at any Ronald Sachs violins location or our online shop.

Q. Should I wipe the rosin off my violin strings?

Absolutely! It's good practice to gently wipe off excess rosin from your violin strings after each playing session. This prevents buildup, which can affect the sound quality. For proper maintenance and to explore violin equipment for cleaning, Ronald Sachs Violins offers various cleaning accessories.

Q. How often should violin rosin be replaced?

The frequency of replacing rosin depends on usage. Typically, with regular playing, you might consider replacing it once a year. However, if the rosin becomes too smooth, dusty, or cracked, it's time for a replacement. You can find quality rosins among the wide range of violin parts and accessories at Ronald Sachs Violins.

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