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Premier Violin Shop in Marietta, East Cobb GA

Ronald Sachs Violins in the Greater Atlanta area has been serving the public for close to two decades. In 2015, they opened a location in Marietta, East Cobb GA. The goal of Ronald Sachs in establishing RSC was to provide better instrument services to students and enhance local school programs. We attempt to deliver a signature RSC arrangement for instrument rentals, allowing younger, newer players to easily play and tune quality instruments with enhanced tone and response in conjunction with a cost-friendly rent-to-own program.

Our commitment to students and the local community in Marietta, GA has translated into helping students with their process of learning to play the violin, cello, viola, and bass.

Whether you need violin bows, violin strings, a bass for sale, cello for sale, viola instrument for sale, double bass for sale, among other instrument options, we have you covered.

Violin Restoration and Repair

Regardless of the nature of the damage to your instrument, our team at Ronald Sachs Violins is the premier option for violin repair and restoration in Marietta East Cobb GA and across the South. With more than 25 years of experience, Ronald Sachs is in the second generation of violin makers in his family with the knowledge and talent to perform exceptional quality work that will bring new life to your instrument. We use top quality materials for long term results.

Violins for Sale or Rent

We offer a 100% trade-in value on all instruments, whether purchased or rented, towards an instrument upgrade, in addition to any adjustment that your rented instrument may need free-of-charge.

We look forward to seeing and meeting you at our Marietta, East Cobb location.

To learn more about the violin instruments, violin repair, bass restoration, violin rental, and other repair, sales, and rental options we offer at Ronald Sachs Violins in Marietta GA, call us today at (770) 485-8814 or leave us a message through our contact form.

Why Customers Choose Us

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Possibly Rixtria
Found a violin at my grandparent's house. The bow was broken, and we couldn't figure out how to tune it. When we came here, the worker tuned the violin and worked with us to buy a new bow. I was very happy with the service and definitely recommend if you're looking for a local violin and strings shop.
Edward Western
The team at Ronald Sachs is outstanding. If you need music instrument repair or rental, this is the place to go!
Jeanie Steuer
Wonderful experience- Alice was professional and went out of her way to service my rather old violin in order to prep it for my granddaughter’s use. I was more than pleased at being given sound advice(no pun intended), realistic options and a knowledgeable assessment of the violin. I’d go there again in a heartbeat.
God of Memes
This violin shop is probably the best one I've ever seen, amazing customer service and high-quality instruments, definetly reccomend going here.
Kronox 77
This violin shop is probably the best one I've ever seen, amazing customer service and high-quality instruments, definetly reccomend going here.
random but epic person
This violin shop is probably the best one I've ever seen, amazing customer service and high-quality instruments, definetly reccomend going here.
SY8K 77
This violin shop is probably the best one I've ever seen, amazing customer service and high-quality instruments, definetly reccomend going here.
Amina Abdul-Jalil
Andrew and the other staff @ the Marietta location were amazing. They answered all questions about the instruments and took their time to make sure my teenager was fitted to the right sized cello. I recommend this store and this location to everyone - students, professionals, and hobbyists alike!
Maritza Knight
Great experience with repairs. They honored our insurance and performed the repairs quickly, having it ready when I would be in the area.
Melinda Kane
Rebuilt the bridge to my daughter's violin by hand in 30 minutes so it was ready for school on Monday. Excellent service.
Best experience I have ever had shopping instruments! Amazing customer service and wonderful instruments! I highly recommend this place to anybody who wants to get a new violin, cello, or bass.
Anushka Sharma
Got a violin today. They were pretty quick and helpful.
David Jung
Great store hoping to once again rent a cello and that person who is "arguing" about the hours they have, they have more troubles than you do and just being 1 time closed before the time they're usually suppose to be closed doesnt mean you have to get salty.
Valaria Latham
Took a viola in and Andrew did a beautiful job of restoring the instrument from all the scrapes, bangs, etc. We also had a bow re-haired, all work was done in a week and reasonably priced. It is obvious that Andrew loves working with instruments. Thank you so much for making our viola beautiful again, we will definitely be back!
Alex Tejedor
Wonderful shop,can’t recommend it enough! Wonderful service,knowledgeable,and very nice
Lori Edwards
Great experience - excellent customer service!!! Needed a book for my middle schooler, called a few minutes before closing and he waited until I got there (just a few minutes after closing time.) Super friendly and knowledgeable - highly recommend!
Great Service and Even honored a deal that another store quoted me. Well definitely be back for all my voilin needs!
Serena Egloff
I recently purchased a violin with the help of Andrew in the Marietta store. I was very happy with the attention he gave us and the patience he showed while I tried out different instruments. I would highly recommend using their services for any of your string instruments needs. I absolutely love my new violin!!!
Galina Inserra
Great service and great quality instruments! The manager is so friendly and knowledgable, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back with any questions or concerns.
Teh Splitter
Great Staff and Service!
Rhonda Kaye
Convenient to have a string shop right around the corner to have new violin strings installed and a bow rehaired. Andrew was professional and patient.
Gary Marshall
We live in Columbus Ga, Its been my fiances life long dream to learn to play the violin. She had already purchased an inexpensive one on line. I wanted to surprise her and buy her a good quality violin. I searched the Web site and came across Ronald Sachs violin shop in Marietta Ga. I called the store and spoke...
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