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Ronald Sachs Violins in the Greater Atlanta area has been serving musicians for close to two decades. In 2015, we opened a location in Marietta (East Cobb) GA. The mission of Ronald Sachs Violins Marietta is to provide better instrument services to students and enhance local school programs. We supply school programs with premium instrument rentals, allowing young musicians to explore their gifts. Our program allows access to quality instruments with ongoing rentals or low-cost rent-to-own options.

Our commitment to students and the local community in Marietta, GA, has translated into bringing higher quality rental instruments to students learning to play the violin, cello, viola, and bass, while also providing an amazing selection of premium instruments for seasoned musicians.

Whether you are looking for violin bows, violin strings, a bass for sale, a cello for sale, a viola instrument for sale, a double bass for sale, among other instrument options, Ronald Sachs Violins can help.

Violin Restoration and Repair

Regardless of the extent of the damage to your instrument, our team of Luthiers at Ronald Sachs Violins is the premier option for violin repair and restoration in Marietta East Cobb, GA, and across the South. With more than 25 years of experience, Ronald Sachs is a second generation violin Luthier in his family with the knowledge and talent to perform exceptional quality work that will bring new life to your instrument. We always use superior quality materials for long-lasting results.

Violins for Sale or Rent

We offer a 100% trade-in value on all instruments, whether purchased or rented, towards an instrument upgrade. In addition, any adjustment that your rented instrument may need is always free-of-charge.

We look forward to seeing you at our Marietta, East Cobb location.

To learn more about the violin instruments, violin repair, bass restoration, violin rental, and other repair, sales, and rental options available at Ronald Sachs Violins in Marietta, GA, call us today at (770) 485-8814 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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