Samuel Shen Stringed Instruments

At Ronald Sachs Violins, our selection of stringed instruments includes violins, cellos, violas, and basses from various highly respected brands, including Samuel Shen. The orchestral stringed instruments in the Samuel Shen line offer superb quality in sound and high visual appeal. From the Samuel Shen violin to the Samuel Shen double bass, you have stringed instrument options that are ideal for both students and advanced players.

Extraordinary Samuel Shen Workmanship for Reliability and Value

Our selection of Samuel Shen stringed instruments offers unique innovation in design, including attractive finishing, quality fittings, easy playability, and unique plate tuning. These instruments are ideal for use as a secondary instrument for a professional or a primary learning instrument for the advanced student. You can expect a mature, open sound from each of these instruments, whether the Samuel Shen cello, bass, violin, or viola.

The various body designs, quality wood selection, and finishes featured in our selection of Samuel Shen stringed instruments make them ideal for various playing styles and price ranges.

Samuel Shen Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass

Samuel Shen viola designs feature accurate graduation and tasteful antiquing. They produce a strong, yet rich, tonal performance and are a favorite of advancing students.

Samuel Shen cellos are highly durable and look great, making them ideal for students learning to produce and experience strong tones.

The Samuel Shen bass and double bass models offer playing ability and sound performance that will satisfy seasoned professionals.

Get Samuel Shen Stringed Instruments

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