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When you are looking to buy cello cases in Atlanta GA, there are four main factors to consider: durability, weight, temperature resistance, and overall protection. The best cello cases for sale in Atlanta GA have a hard exterior that is made from lightweight material.

Why a Hard Case is Best

Regardless of how careful you are with your cello, accidents are going to happen. The likelihood that a cello without a proper case is going to get broken is rather high. While a soft case may protect the instrument from scratches, only a hard case will protect it from impact.

Suspension vs. Non-Suspension

When shopping for cello cases in Atlanta, GA, you will notice that some are described as suspension cases while others are described as non-suspension cases. A suspension case has one or more shelves that keep the back of the instrument about an inch off the bottom of the case. This is the most popular choice because it provides an added layer of protection.

Cello Bow Cases: Protects Your Delicate Bow from Damage

The cello, with its deep, resonant sound, is a treasure to any musician. But just as crucial as the cello itself is its bow. A cello bow, while appearing strong when drawing sound from the strings, is incredibly delicate and susceptible to damage if not properly cared for. That's why at Ronald Sachs Violins, we emphasize the importance of a robust cello bow case. Investing in a high-quality cello bow case not only safeguards your bow from potential harm but also ensures longevity, preserving its integrity for consistent sound quality. Browse through our selection of cello cases tailored to offer maximum protection, constructed with quality materials, and designed for ease of handling.

Shop Lightweight Protective Cello Cases

When it comes to instrument cases like the Tonareli cello case in Atlanta, GA, you should expect to pay more because it is a high-quality case. As a general rule, the more you pay for a cello case, the better the materials and construction will be.

A cello is a delicate and expensive instrument. This means that you should be willing to pay whatever it takes to keep it protected. Especially if you travel often, you need to invest in a good quality hard case. At Ronald Sachs Violins, we have a case that is right for everyone. If you have been searching for cello cases near me, give us a call today at 770-931-2440 to find out more.

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