Larsen Strings

Larsen Strings designs and manufactures strings for bowed instruments. In particular, the brand is known for its cello strings. At Ronald Sachs Violins, we offer a selection of Larsen strings for the violin, viola, and cello that provide rich, exceptional quality sound.

Larsen Violin Strings

Larson strings for the violin and other instruments produce a determined, direct, yet warm sound. They are easy to tune quickly and generate exceptional projection. They are dependable and ideal for bright- or loud-sounding instruments that require a warm tonal adjustment.

Larsen Viola Strings

Manufactured in Sweden, Larsen viola strings include a quick break-in period, making them reliable and stable. In particular, the Larsen A strings are useful in mixed sets. They provide a warm, clean tone and are easy to play with the left hand.

Larsen Cello Strings

Larsen strings generate a well-rounded, solid-quality sound for the cello, viola, and violin. The tone they produce is bright and strong, with a certain sweetness and richness, particularly in the upper register. They possess a good dynamic range and other appealing features and qualities.

Durable and long-lasting Larsen cello strings can handle rough treatment, making them highly suitable for students. However, their use goes beyond learning purposes, depending on the quality of the instrument. The bright, strong tone with sweetness and richness is evident on the A string. They respond well to the bow and have various expressive qualities and a solid dynamic range.

Larsen Soloist Cello Strings

Larsen soloist cello strings differ somewhat from the standard Larsen cello string. Their design caters more to the soloist player, providing greater power, focus, and projection.

When it comes to Larsen strings – viola, violin, and cello – we have you covered.

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