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Cello Shop for Greater Atlanta, GA and Beyond

Ronald Sachs Violins is your trusted source for high quality cellos and cello services. We offer these instruments and instrumental services from various store locations in the surrounding Atlanta GA area, St. Petersburg FL, and Wilmington NC. Each of the cellos in our selection has been hand selected and setup by our professional cello experts to exceed industry standards.

Our "Signature Setup" benefits musicians by enhancing cello performance, sound, and playability and reducing the time required for instrument maintenance. This is one reason why our cello store in its various shop locations has a strong reputation in the industry for offering excellent quality musical products and services.

Explore Our Collection of Cello Musical Instruments

We offer a prime selection of cello instruments for professionals and amateurs. These include the Jay Haide L'ancienne Model Cello and Signature Model Cello Outfit.

Whether you are looking for a cello for sale or cello strings, you can find an exceptional quality selection from a violin, viola, bass and cello shop under the Ronald Sachs Violins name in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area, Wilmington NC, and St. Petersburg, FL.

Ensuring Your Cello’s Optimum Performance

At our cello store, we also provide cello rental, cello strings, and cello repair and restoration services. We are here to not only supply our customers with outstanding quality instruments, but also help musicians – professionals and amateurs – enhance their ability to play rather than having to deal with excessive instrument maintenance. Our service includes a Lifetime Adjustment Guarantee on all cello purchases and rentals. This includes FREE lifetime instrument adjustments for items such as pegs, nuts, bridges, endpins, tailpieces, and sound posts.

For more information about the cello repair, restoration, rental, and sales we offer to the surrounding Atlanta, GA area, St. Petersburg FL and Wilmington NC, give us a call us today at 770-931-2440, or complete our contact form and leave us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many strings does a cello have?


How often should you replace cello strings?

Generally, cello strings should be replaced every 8-12 months for best results.

How do I tune cello strings?

Invest in a quality digital tuner so you will not be fully reliant upon your ear. Go in the order C, G, D, A if you are tuning more than one string.

Questions about our Shop?

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