GEWA Cases for Stringed Instruments

Maintaining the proper function, value, and longevity of your stringed instrument, whether a violin, viola, or cello, can best be achieved by storing and transporting the instrument in a safe carrying case under optimal humidity conditions. At Ronald Sachs Violins, we offer an array of GEWA brand cases, including GEWA violin case, viola case, or cello case that provide highly protective and portable instrument storage.

GEWA Cases for the Violin, Viola, and Cello

As a historic, respected German brand, GEWA specializes in the manufacture of high-end stringed instrument cases, which are available in various designs, colors, and shapes, all designed to protect your instrument from damage.

GEWA violin, viola, and cello cases are lightweight and include an appealing plush interior. The German craftsmanship of these cases is the result of strict quality-control processes that cover production to customer delivery. Whether you have a GEWA viola case, violin case, or cello case, you have a product that is durable and reliable.

Benefits of GEWA Instrument Cases

Stringed instrument cases are vital for instrument longevity. Due to their fragility, these instruments require a proper layer of protection that maintains their integrity when not in use. A GEWA air cello case or GEWA pure violin case protects the instrument from potential dings, bumps, and other possible harm due to transport and other factors.

These cases not only protect the body of a violin, cello, or viola from cracking or breaking due to impact, but they also shield the underlying wood and finish from direct contact with moisture and sunlight.

Get GEWA Cases

At Ronald Sachs Violins, we understand the significance of protecting your cherished instruments with quality cases. That’s why we proudly offer an array of GEWA cases, including the renowned GEWA air cello case and GEWA pure cello case. These cases are meticulously designed to ensure optimal protection and longevity for your stringed instruments. In addition, for violists, the GEWA viola case boasts of ergonomic design and state-of-the-art protection. GEWA cases are not only about safety but also about style and convenience, making them a favorite choice among musicians.

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