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Choosing A Bass Bag In Atlanta GA

Usually, when you purchase a bass, it is going to come with a bass bag in Atlanta GA. However, if the instrument that you purchase does not include a bag, you need to immediately begin shopping for bass cases in Atlanta GA. A proper bass case is important to keep the instrument protected from accidents, weather, and more during transportation. There are two main types of cases for bass, which include hardshell cases and softshell cases.

Hardshell Cases

If you are planning to travel with your bass a lot, then your best choice is a hardshell case. This type of case is made from strong plastic and has a soft, plush lining. These cases can stand up to considerable abuse while continuing to keep your instrument safe. However, a hardshell case is large and heavy, which makes it difficult to carry.

You have the option to purchase a universal hardshell case that will accommodate a bass of any size or shape, or you can purchase a molded case. A molded case fits snugly around your instrument and prevents shifting.

Softshell Cases

Softshell cases, also known as gig bags, are typically made out of waterproof fabric. A double bass gig bag in Atlanta GA will protect your bass from scratches and water. However, it will not protect against pressure or impact. Gig bags are available in a variety of protection and padding levels. For more help in choosing the bass case that is right for you, call Ronald Sachs Violins today at 770-931-2440.

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