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Choosing The Right Viola Accessories In Atlanta, GA

Viola accessories in Atlanta, GA, are designed to help improve your performance, especially if you are just getting started with the instrument. It is important to take proper care of your viola if you want it to last, which means investing in quality accessories to keep it in top shape. One essential accessory for many violists is the viola shoulder rest. A well-fitted shoulder rest can enhance your comfort while playing. Similarly, the viola bridge is not just a piece of wood but the heart of your viola's sound. Choosing the right bridge ensures optimum sound transmission, clarity, and resonance. At Ronald Sachs Violins, we offer a range of quality accessories.


A mute is a small viola accessory that you put on the bridge to prevent string vibration and produce a softer sound. Usually, mutes are made from rubber, wood, plastic, metal, and even leather. However, it is important to note that plastic mutes will leave black marks on the bridge of the viola.


Rosin is used to create friction between the strings and the bow. The price that you can expect to pay for rosin depends not only on the quality but also on the added materials, such as silver, metal, gold, or crystal, which help to create a richer sound. Keep in mind that if you change rosin, you should also change your bow hair.

Viola Shoulder Rest

If you are searching for viola accessories, remember to purchase a shoulder rest. Some players choose not to use a shoulder rest, while others have a preference for clothes, sponges, or customized rests. Beginners should practice first without a shoulder rest and then with one to determine which is the most effective for them.

Chin Rest

Like the shoulder rest, some players choose to use a chin rest, while others are more comfortable without using one. It is up to you to decide which is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do violas need shoulder rests?

Yes, many viola players use shoulder rests to provide comfort and stability while playing. Shoulder rests can help distribute the weight of the viola evenly, reduce strain on the neck and shoulder, and ensure the instrument is held securely.

Q. How do I choose a shoulder rest for my viola?

When choosing a shoulder rest for your viola, consider factors like the shape, size, and material. Visit a reputable store like Ronald Sachs Violins, where you can try different models to find one that fits both your viola and your body comfortably.

Q. How do you put a bridge on a viola?

To place a bridge on a viola, position it upright between the F-holes, with the higher side under the C string. Ensure that it stands perpendicular to the top of the instrument and is centered between the notches of the F-holes. It's recommended to seek guidance from a professional at Ronald Sachs Violins.

Q. Are violin bridges glued?

No, violin bridges are not glued. They stay in place due to the tension created by the strings pressing down on them. This allows for adjustments and easy replacements when necessary.

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