100% Rent-to-Own,
all payments go towards purchase.

Our Rental Program is Your Best Choice

The quality of our instruments and repair services cannot be duplicated by Music Store Chains, Rock Shops, Online Only companies and even many Violin Shops. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive the very best playing and sounding instruments, period. Our Violins, Violas and Cellos are solid wood, hand carved for a great sound – NOT plywood. Our basses are the first choice for nearly every professional bass player in the Atlanta area.

Our shops are owned and operated by professional string players and teachers who understand the benefit that a properly setup and adjusted instrument has on a student’s ability to grow and thrive as a musician.


High-quality instruments

Every instrument by Ronald Sachs Violins is of premium quality and entirely adjusted by our in-house workshop to exceed even the highest industry standards.


New monthly rental rates for 2018!*

Violin $19.00 per month
Viola $23.00 per month
Cello $40.00 per month
Bass $70.00 per month

*2 months upfront required unless a special promotion is offered. Automatically drafted payments begin the 3rd month. Price does not include damage insurance and sales tax.   Major credit card required. 


Complete instrument rentals

All rental instrument outfits include a new wood bow with real horsehair, new case or bag, D’Addario dark rosin, and nametag.

Added Benefits include: