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A broken instrument or damaged bow can halt creativity and self-expression, and an un-restored instrument significantly reduces it's value. Regardless of the severity of your damaged instrument or bow, Ronald Sachs Violins is the informed choice for bow repair and violin, viola, cello, and bass repair and restoration in Atlanta and throughout the south. With over 25 years of experience, Ronald Sachs is a second generation violin maker with the expertise needed for high quality work that will bring your bow and string instrument back to life. All work is performed with superior materials for long lasting results.

Reliable String Instrument Repairs and Restoration Services in Atlanta

When it comes to string instrument repairs and restoration in Atlanta, Ronald Sachs Violins stands as the epitome of excellence and reliability. Our dedication to providing top-tier stringed instrument services is underpinned by over 25 years of rich experience. Ronald Sachs, a second-generation violin maker, brings a depth of knowledge and precision to each repair, ensuring that every string instrument, whether it be a violin, cello, or viola, is restored to its pristine condition.

Our team specializes in various string instrument repair services, from minor adjustments to full instrument restoration. We understand the intricacies of stringed instrument repair and are committed to rejuvenating and enhancing the sound and playability of your beloved instrument. Choose Ronald Sachs Violins for all your string instrument services needs and experience the best in class care and expertise.

Store owner, Ronald Sachs

is a second generation violin maker with over 25 years of experience and the skill needed for high quality repairs and restorations.

We provide thorough and honest work

Lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs and restorations

We keep you informed throughout the entire process

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Violins, Violas, Basses & Cellos Repair Service

A broken instrument or a damaged bow can be distressing for any musician. It not only interferes with your passion but can also reduce the value of the instrument if left un-restored. Whether it’s the intricate process of violin restoration or more extensive bass repairs, Ronald Sachs Violins stands as the go-to destination in Southeast. We provide comprehensive string instrument repairs, ranging from simple adjustments to full-blown restorations. 

Our skilled technicians ensure thorough and transparent work on viola repairs, cello repairs, bass restoration, and much more. Recognizing the sentimental and monetary value these instruments hold, we pledge a lifetime guarantee on all our restorative works. Trust Ronald Sachs Violins for unparalleled bow repairs and string repairs, restoring your instrument’s sound and brilliance so you can get the right notes while playing your instrument.

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With over 25 years under our belt, Ronald Sachs Violins brings unparalleled expertise to every cello bow repair, violin repair, and viola restoration. We understand the significance of these instruments in your life, which is why we are committed to using only superior materials to ensure long-lasting results. Our commitment extends to keeping you informed at every step, ensuring that there are no surprises in the process. 

We value your time, and recognizing the importance of your instrument in your daily life, we promise swift yet meticulous repairs. If you’re searching for “violin bow repair near me,” look no further. Schedule an appointment with Ronald Sachs Violins today and experience our renowned string instrument services firsthand. Your cherished instrument deserves nothing less than the best.


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