CECILIA Solo Formula Cello Rosin


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CiA’s long time popular formula that focuses on providing maximum projection as well as articulation. It is also forgiving under high bow pressure on the strings without the sound cracking. However, some musicians may find more effort is needed to create sensitivity in soft passages.

Available in Full and Mini Sizes

A New Era of Cremona in America

In 2020, Cremona in America renames ANDREA rosin CECILIA.

The name CECILIA is both the name of the patron saint of musicians as well as the name of my beloved mother who passed away in 2019. Her wonderful love was a constant source of support and inspiration. In honor of my mother and musicians, and to celebrate the new decade, all premium rosins from CiA will be made under the name CECILIA starting in 2020.  CECILIA Rosin series are now available in the USA and Europe and expected be launched in Asia  in the Fall of 2020. All production of “ANDREA” will be ceased then. 

Liquid Form Blending Method

Each individual rosin ingredient is melted slowly until it becomes liquid. It is then dispensed through a special filtering screen and the ingredients are blended together. This new blending process enhances the purity of the rosin as well as increasing the preservation of the original chemical properties of the secret rosin formula.


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