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Choosing The Best Double Bass Bows In Atlanta GA

Bowing is a great skill to have, even if it is not required by your primary musical pursuit. There is nothing more enjoyable than bass bows in Atlanta GA drawing across a low E string as the room fills with a big, warm tone. Practicing with the best double bass bows in Atlanta GA is great for your intonation.

While you may be able to get away with a little inaccuracy plucking, the pure tone of a bow really lets you hear when you are slightly out of tune. However, browsing bass bows for sale in Atlanta GA can be intimidating when you get started.

For The Casual Bow Player

If you are a very casual bow player who is just interested in a durable bow that you do not have to treat with kid gloves, or you are looking for a bow for a student player, your best bet is a fiberglass bow.

For The More Serious Player

If you are more than just a casual player, the balance and craftsmanship of the bow are important. You want a bow that has a long-running reputation for quality. A carbon fiber bow is an excellent choice for semi-professional players, community players, and university students.

Ronald Sachs Violins has an amazing selection of bass bows for sale in Atlanta GA. For more information, give us a call at 770-931-2440 today and we will help you find the bass bow that is right for you.

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