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The Most Important Accessories For Musicians In Atlanta GA

Playing a string instrument requires several accessories. Regardless of whether you have just started to learn or you have played for a while, there are accessories that will make your life considerably easier. Knowing what you need to include with your string instrument can make the difference between failing and succeeding as a musician.

Quality Rosin

When it comes to violin accessories in Atlanta GA, one of the most important is good rosin. In fact, this is an accessory that should be included in the initial purchase of the instrument.

Digital Chromatic Tuner or Metronome

Your cello accessories in Atlanta GA should include a digital tuner as a way to ensure that the instrument is always in tune. This is especially important if you are just getting started as a string musician.

Music Stand

Among the most crucial bass accessories in Atlanta GA is a music stand. If you do not have a good place to keep your sheet music as you play, the result could be poor posture. A quality music stand with a few large paper clips to hold the music in place will make all the difference with your performance.


One of the simplest viola accessories in Atlanta GA is a pencil. This is important for lubricating the notches on the bridge of the instrument occasionally. In addition, you can use a pencil when you need to make notes on your sheet music.

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