“This is an absolutely terrific place. They came in on their day off to repair a cello…..”
– Reta Hampton, Facebook

Detail-Oriented Repair and Restoration

A broken instrument halts creativity and self-expression. Regardless of the severity of your damaged instrument, Ronald Sachs Violins is the informed choice for violin repair in Atlanta and throughout the south. With over 25 years of experience, Ronald Sachs is a second generation violin maker with the expertise needed for high quality repairs. All repairs are performed with superior materials for long lasting results.

Continuously, we provide thorough and honest repairs.

Since our team of professionals have a deep understanding and respect for instruments, we recognize each instrument as an individual. Whenever we are entrusted with your instrument, we will work diligently to ensure your violin is restored to ideal condition once again. Prior to beginning servicing your instrument, you will be informed regarding your instrument’s specific needs and provided with a detailed quote for our services. Because an instrument is an extension of the musician, we want you to be fully aware every step of the way.

Since you need your instrument, we promise timely repairs.

When your instrument is placed in our care, you will be provided with a timeline for the completion of your repair. In dire situations, Ronald Sachs Violins has a reputation for violin repairs conducted quickly for musicians in Atlanta and stretching beyond throughout the South. If your instrument’s state of disrepair is hindering your musical ambitions, contact Ronald Sachs Violins immediately so the repair process can begin promptly.

If your instrument is suffering from the effects of age, call Ronald Sachs Violins.

Specializing in restoration of the entire violin family, we can turn back the clock on your antique instruments. Instruments can lose their functionality from gathering dust in storage. Not only will we restore the luster of the exterior of your instrument, we will make sure the interior heart and soul of your instrument will be able to sing once again. Antique instruments can carry great sentimental and monetary value so entrusting the care of your instrument to a professional violin repair service is of the utmost importance.

We stand behind our work.

Because our work is always conducted with the greatest attention to detail, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs and restorations. Having a broken instrument is both inconvenient and limiting; therefore, investing in a quality repair which will last is the best option for you and your instrument.

Whether your instrument needs a simple repair or a complete restoration, our Atlanta based violin repair service is prepared to help restore the function and beauty of your instrument.