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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bass instrument?

The bass is the largest stringed instrument and it also has the lowest-pitched sound.

How much does a bass instrument cost?

The price varies based upon quality, but a student bass could be between $1800-3000. Intermediate bass instruments can start at $4000 and stretch beyond $10,000. The best way to find your perfect fit for your budget is to come see our choices firsthand.

How to change bass strings?

Go slowly and do one string at a time. Loosen the first string and use pliers to pull the string out gently. Make sure the new string is lined up correctly through the pegbox. As you are feeding the string through, make sure the string is not pulling the bridge towards the fingerboard. If you are having any difficulty, reach out to our team for help!

How to tune a string bass?

Invest in a digital tuner to ensure accuracy. Do one string at a time and go slowly. Unlike its stringed relatives (tuned in fifths), the bass is tuned in fourths.

How many strings are there on a double bass?


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