School Repair

RSV has implemented a simple online process for requesting your repair needs. While it may take a few minutes for you to complete, this new tool will streamline our instrument repair workflow, better organize the process, and improve communication and accuracy between county offices, schools, teachers, and our RSV locations.

Our goal is to improve the overall experience and better control the flow of instruments to and from the workshop, to avoid log jams which slow us down. This way we can certainly shorten repair times and speed up communications for price quoting and invoicing.

This tool is designed for larger repair orders that involve RSV school pickup and delivery. As always, you can drop off and pickup instruments at the RSV location nearest you on a first come first serve basis.

Here are a few things to expect as well as a link to the new submission page with specific instructions on how to make a service repair request.


Download our .xlsx template here.


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