Instruments are a legacy which carries a story of a previous time. Every detail of the instrument, from the strings to the grain of the wood, resonates beautifully capturing the essence of the time of its creation. At Ronald Sachs Violins, we specialize in rescuing instruments from the effects of age through violin restoration. With over 18 years serving Atlanta and the Southeast, Ronald Sachs Violins has the knowledge and experience to revitalize your instrument.

Trust your one of a kind instrument with us.

Whether the violin was purchased from an antique shop or inherited from a relative, antique instruments are extremely valuable both sentimentally and monetarily.
Because the instruments are truly unique and rare, having a restoration service which will be trustworthy is vital. Ronald Sachs, the owner, is a second generation violin maker with over 25 years of experience.
The making and restoration of instruments has infused every part of his entire life. He is fully invested in the proper care of instruments. His deep love and respect for instruments led to the formation of his business. With Sachs at the helm, Ronald Sachs Violins has the experience and dedication which should put your mind at ease.

Professionalism is always maintained throughout the restoration process.

When you bring your instrument for a restoration consultation, we will discuss all the possibilities for revitalizing the interior and exterior of your instrument. Our restorations go way beyond the surface of the instrument. We desire to enhance the inner workings of your instrument so it can accurately resound with its intended splendor. Before any work takes place, our team members always provide detailed quotes and descriptions. Since your instrument is extremely valuable to you, we want to keep you informed throughout the process. Not even the slightest deviation will be made from the plan without discussing the change with you. As your violin restoration source in Atlanta, we are committed to straightforward and high quality restorations.

All of our restorations are guaranteed.

Investing in a restoration should be worthwhile for you and your instrument. Because our craftsmanship and materials will be of the highest quality, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our restorations. When you choose our Atlanta based violin restoration service, you can feel certain that your instrument will be in pristine condition for the years to come.

Instrument restoration transports through time, resonating the melodies and harmonies of a previous time through sound and style. Since so much history is contained in each antique instrument, only allow the finest in violin restoration to care for your instrument. Serving Atlanta and the South, Ronald Sachs Violins is ready to bring your instrument back to life through violin restoration.