Specializing in the Sale of New
and Old String Instruments

Every instrument that enters Ronald Sachs Violins undergoes a very meticulous setup process which will ensure that it’s in the best possible physical condition. Visit our shop as we receive new instruments on a regular basis.

Adjustments and tunings of a Ronald Sachs instrument are always FREE. Any outside instruments will be quoted a fee prior to any adjustments or repair work.

Free Shipping and Delivery

Pickup and delivery is available at no cost for school repair orders. Follow the link below for additional information and to submit your school repair request. A representative will contact you ASAP to schedule a pickup.

Complete Instrument Rentals

All rental instrument outfits include a new wood bow with real horsehair, new case or bag, D’Addario dark rosin, and nametag.

Added Benefits include:

Discover the Value of Your Instrument

Do you have an older instrument that you enjoy playing or an instrument that you have inherited and are interested in its value? We’ll supply written certifications. We offer sales, appraisals, and repair/restoration for all instruments.