SKU: VAF2018

Tonareli Viola Cello Shaped Fiberglass



  • -Constructed of light weight and durable fiberglass
  • -Case is sealed when closed so your instrument is protected from both inclement weather and sudden temperature changes
  • -Case has a new bow holder design to securely hold two bows
  • -Removable accessory compartment for rosin, strings, mutes, cleaning cloth, etc
  • -Case is equipped with wheels and a luggage handle for easy rolling
  • -Each case comes with two shoulder straps and a viola blanket
  • -Weight – 6.8 lbs

Outside Dimensions

  • -Length – 85cm
  • -Width – 33cm
  • -Height – 18cm

Inside Dimensions

  • -Total length 84 cm
  • -Upper bout 24.8 cm
  • -Lower bout 29 cm
  • -20 mm tall at bridge

Adjustable for 15” to 17” violas