SKU: VCF3001

Tonareli Fiberglass Cello Case With Wheels



This Tonareli Fiberglass Cello Case is full featured and strong enough to protect your cello from the elements. It has wheels for ease of movement, three strategically placed handles to lift it properly, two bow holders, accessory pouch, back pack straps, and one removable pull strap. And it weighs in at only 14 lbs.

Interior dimensions

  • Total length 132 cm (~52 inches)
  • Body length 91 cm (~35.5 inches)
  • Upper bout 37.0 cm (~14.5 inches)
  • Lower bout 49.0 cm (~19.25 inches)

Exterior dimensions

  • Total length 140 cm (~55.25 inches)
  • Upper bout 46 cm (~18 inches)
  • Lower bout 51 cm (~20 inches)