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Violins For Sale

Specializing in the Sale of New and Old String Instruments

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Violin Shop for Greater Atlanta, GA and Beyond

At Ronald Sachs Violins, with a number of shops in the areas surrounding Atlanta, GA, in addition St. Petersburg, FL, we carry a broad selection of new and old instruments. We are also your source for stringed instrument repair and restoration. Every violin we offer has been hand-chosen and given a professional setup by our in-house violin experts, exceeding the highest standards in the industry. We ensure every instrument in our inventory is set up for the easiest playability and vibrant sound projection.

Our "Signature Setup" helps elevate your instrument to exceptional levels of sound and makes it as easy as possible to play. Our violin shop has a strong reputation for quality musical products and services primarily due to our setup process. So, invest in a quality violin and purchase your next instrument at Ronald Sachs violins.

Explore Our Collection of High-Quality Violins

We offer a high-quality selection of violins for amateur and professional use. These include our Premium Model Violin, Signature Model Violin Outfit, Jay Haide L'Ancienne Model Violin, Deluxe Model Violin, and Antonio Strad Model Violin.

Whether you are looking for new violins for sale online, strings, bows, our shops in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area and St. Petersburg, FL, have you covered.

Optimizing Your Violin’s Performance

At our violin store, we also provide violin rental, violin repair, and violin restoration services. Our goal is to assist musicians of all skill levels to improve their abilities instead of spending unnecessary time maintaining their instruments. As part of our efforts to help, we include a Lifetime Adjustment Guarantee on all rentals and purchases from our store. This includes FREE lifetime adjustments for bridges, pegs, tailpieces, endpins, sound posts, and nuts.

To learn more about the violin repair, restoration, sales, and rental options we offer to our customers in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area, and St. Petersburg, FL., give us a call today at 770-931-2440, or fill out our contact form and leave us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

The style of music is what differentiates a violin from a fiddle. They are technically the same instrument, but the term “fiddle” is sometimes used when playing folk, country, bluegrass, or blues music.

What size violin does my child need?

Violin size is determined by arm length. Although we could estimate the right size based upon the age of your child, going based upon their arm length would be more suitable. Our violin professionals would be happy to guide you in selecting the right size for your child.

Where can I find free violin sheet music?,, and are a few sites with access to some free sheet music.

What are violin strings made of?

Nylon, steel, and shockingly sheep intestines.

What are the best strings for my violin?

The best strings will differ based upon the violinist’s needs and preferences, but here are a few strong choices: 1. D’Addario Prelude Violin String Set 4/4 Scale, Medium Tension. 2. Super Sensitive Steelcore 4/4 Violin Strings: Set. 3. Cecilio 4 Packs of Stainless Steel 4/4 – 3/4 Violin Strings Set

How often should violin strings be changed?

We generally recommend every 3-6 months for optimal performance, but it can vary depending on usage.

What accessories do I need for my violin?

Ideally, every violinist would benefit from having this set of accessories: shoulder rest, music stand, tuner, rosin, soft cloth, dampit, extra strings, peg compound, violin case, and a music folder. The must haves are just the violin and bow though.

What is a good beginner violin for a child or adult?

The Ronald Sachs Violins Signature Model is our entry level violin, and the instrument that is used in our Rental Program. As the musician’s skill level increases, we offer the Ronald Sachs Violins “Antonio Strad” Model, the Ronald Sachs Violins “Premium” Model, and the Ronald Sachs Violins “Deluxe” Model violins to choose from. Every violinist has different needs and goals, so we would recommend coming in to see our options firsthand. See which violin speaks to you, fits your needs, and suits your budget.

How do I know what strings to put on my violin?

The bottom of your existing strings will show the brand and manufacturer. You could simply purchase the same strings. Otherwise, our violin professionals could guide you to the options which would be suitable.

How to tune your violin:

Purchase a digital chromatic tuner. You may be able to tune by ear eventually, but that skill takes a while for most musicians to develop. Take your time and work with one string at a time. Start with your A string and work from there to D, G, and E. If necessary, you can turn the tuning peg very slowly to adjust your violin further. If you need further help, our staff would be happy to provide guidance.

How can I clean violin strings:

Daily: Use a soft, dry cloth (microfiber cloths work beautifully) to wipe the strings off after playing your instrument.

As needed: In most cases, wiping the strings with a cloth (and not overusing rosin) is enough to prevent rosin build-up. However, if you notice the cloth isn't cutting it, try using a soft, fine piece of steel wool and gently run it along the strings. Beware information recommending the use of alcohol to dampen a cloth; alcohol is a solvent and ruins instrument finishes. You’re better off trusting string cleaning methods that pose zero risk to your expensive instrument.

Questions about our Shop?

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