Viola Instruments For Sale

Viola Instruments For Sale

Specializing in the Sale of New and Old String Instruments

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Viola Shop for Greater Atlanta, GA and Beyond

At Ronald Sachs Violins, we offer a "Signature Setup" which helps musicians improve the performance of their stringed instrument to outstanding sound levels, making them easier to play. This setup process has helped give our viola shop an exceptional reputation for offering superb musical products and services. We sell and service violas from various store locations, including those in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area, St. Petersburg FL.

Find Your Dream Viola at Ronald Sachs Violins

We offer a quality selection of viola instrument products for professional and amateur players. These include the Jay Haide L'ancienne Model Viola and Signature Model Viola Outfit. The violas we offer have been hand chosen and professionally setup by our viola experts to excel industry standards.

Whether you need a viola instrument for sale, violin strings, or violin bows for sale, our stores in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area, St. Petersburg FL have you covered. We can help you make the optimum instrument or instrument accessory selection.

Shop Online for New and Used Violas

Discover the symphony of opportunities at Ronald Sachs Violins, your prime destination for violas online. Our extensive collection features a wide array of old violas for sale alongside an exclusive range of new ones, each echoing the chords of excellence and craftsmanship.

Whether you're a seasoned musician seeking the rich tones of a vintage viola or a budding artist eager to carve your niche with a brand-new piece, we house the perfect ensemble to cater to your preferences. Expertly handpicked and meticulously set up, every viola in our inventory promises to surpass industry standards and offer an unparalleled musical experience.

Venture into the world of profound melodies with Ronald Sachs Violins, where quality meets tradition and innovation. Browse our extensive collection now.

Maximizing Your Viola’s Performance

At our viola store, we also provide violin rental, viola strings, and viola restoration services. Our goal is to help stringed instrument musicians of varying skills to enhance their capabilities instead of spending too much time maintaining their instrument. Our services include a Lifetime Adjustment Guarantee on all purchases and rentals from our shop. Part of this includes FREE lifetime modifications for tailpieces, pegs, bridges, sound posts, nuts, and endpins.

For more information about the viola repair, restoration, rental, and sales options we offer to the greater Atlanta, GA area, and St. Petersburg FL, call us today at 770-931-2440, or use our convenient contact form to send us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a viola?

A viola is in the same family as a violin, but it is larger and makes a deeper, lower sound. Think of the violin as the soprano and the viola as the alto.

What is the difference between a violin and a viola?

The viola is larger than the violin and makes a deeper sound.

Are violin and viola bows different?

Viola bows are 10 grams heavier. This may sound like a meaningless difference, but those grams really do make a difference.

How many strings does a viola have?


How much does a viola cost?

The cost of a viola differs greatly based upon quality. Quality makes a huge difference for performance, so serious musicians must consider more than just the price tag.

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