Stringed Musical Instruments

Stringed Musical Instruments

Specializing in the Sale of New and Old String Instruments

Atlanta's Trusted Store for Stringed Instruments

Welcome to Ronald Sachs Violins, Atlanta's premier stringed instruments shop, where the resonance of quality meets tradition and innovation.

In our sanctuary of melody, you will find an exquisite collection of new & old stringed instruments, each carrying a legacy of craftsmanship and excellence. From the resonant chords of vintage violins to the vibrant tone of new premium model cellos, our carefully curated range caters to professional virtuosos and budding artists.

Step into our world where stringed musical instruments resonate with passion, precision, and the promise of instruments with an inheritance of musical artistry. Trust us to be your harmonious companion in your musical journey, offering instruments and a gateway to an enriched musical experience.

Stringed Musical Instruments for Sale

At Ronald Sachs Violins, with multiple locations in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area, in addition to St. Petersburg, FL we offer a wide range of stringed instruments for sale and rent, along with repair and restoration servicesEvery instrument we offer has been selected by hand with a professional setup by our in-house professionals to surpass the highest standards in the industry. The “Signature Setup” we provide ensures your instrument sounds great and is easy to play. It is one of the reasons our reputation around the nation is so strong.

Explore Our Collection of Stringed Musical Instruments

We offer an extensive selection of stringed instruments for professional and amateur use. These include Premium Model Cellos and Violins, the Signature Model Cello, Violin, and Viola Outfits, Jay Haide European Special Cello, Hybrid Bass, Willow Bass, Jay Haide L'ancienne Model Cello, Jay Haide L'Ancienne Model Violin, Deluxe Model Violin, Jay Haide L'ancienne Model Viola, and Antonio Strad Model Violin.

Whether you need a double bass, cello for sale, viola for sale, viola bows for sale, violins for sale, or a double bass for sale, violin strings, or bass guitar for beginners, our  Lilburn, GA stringed instrument shop has you covered.

Ensuring Your Musical Instruments Always Sound Good

We work to help musicians of every skill level to find more time to hone their skills instead of maintaining their instrument. To this end, we provide a Lifetime Adjustment Guarantee on all purchases or rentals from our shop.

Yes, that is correct. We provide FREE lifetime adjustments for pegs, nuts, bridges, tailpieces, sound posts, endpins, and more!

For more information about the violin sales and rental options we offer, plus our repair and restoration services in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area, and in St. Petersburg, FL, call us today at 844.789.6909, or fill out our contact form nd send us a message.

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